Lasik surgey for eye sight

LASIK-Way to a Better Sight

In simple terms, LASIK is done for vision correction and a few more eye related problems like astigmatism. It stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. For someone who faces a lot of problem while reading a book or a newspaper or maybe for the people to whom anything coming from a distance seems like hazy cloud- LASIK is definitely a good option for you.

LASIK Eye Surgery


LASIK is a simple procedure which can change one’s outlook of the world. This procedure takes about 15 minutes. No more keeping a check on your glasses, or the hassle of carrying them everywhere you go. Anyone who has ever worn glasses or contact lenses knows what a burden it is. Wouldn’t it be great to attend a wedding and flaunt those lovely eyes of yours without having to hide behind those huge glasses? Past few decades have been very significant in terms of eye-related surgeries.

People have shown a commendable acceptance of the same.
At Mumbai Eye Care, there are specialists who have made many people live their lives glasses-free. People, who became tired and hopeless of this problem, have found a new light or you can say sight. LASIK is a permanent procedure, you just have to undergo it once and get rid of all these issues you have been facing.

Laser refractive surgery or LASIK has shaped lives of countless people over the years. Mumbai Eye care (MEC) had a huge role to play in doing the same. Vision is the key to a colorful life, having a perfect sight is indeed a blessing. Here are experiences shared by a few people who underwent LASIK surgery at Mumbai Eye Care (MEC):
“I am so happy to get rid of my glasses, life seems more beautiful now. The staff at MEC was very friendly.”- Pragya Navinder (LASIK patient at MEC)

“I am a cameraman by profession, having a clear and perfect vision is a vital thing for people like me. I had both the issues myopia and hypermetropia i.e. nearsightedness and farsightedness. Keeping up with my work with glasses on everywhere was becoming very annoying. I was very scared at first, but the surgery was painless. I am very happy and satisfied.”- Sandeep Yadav (LASIK patient at MEC)

Free From Glasses

“For a long time I have been facing the vision problem, with LASIK it became so easy. I didn’t face any issues post-surgery, the staff and doctors at MEC made me so comfortable, I didn’t feel a thing. It’s like going for a routine checkup, no hassles.”- R.R Kadam (Former Lasik patient at MEC) LASIK has been like a disguised angel for so many people all around the globe. It has been changing lives and vision since 80’s. It’s time to ditch the lenses and get over the glasses. Schedule you appointment at Mumbai Eye Care (MEC) today!


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