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Bladeless Catract Surgery In Ghatkopar

Bladeless Cataract Surgery (Femtosecond Laser assisted Cataract surgery - FLACS)

At Mumbai Eye Care we assure that we use latest technologies to improve patient comfort post cataract surgery. In the view to achieve that, we constantly thrive to upgrade and introduce new systems in our center.

We use 2 types of Technologies for Cataract Surgery

FLACS (Bladeless Cataract Surgery)

FLACS is one of the most advanced technique for cataract surgery worldwide. It surpasses the traditional Cataract Surgery with manifold advantages. Bladeless Cataract procedure with Femtosecond Laser is no doubt the most Precise & Accurate way to perform Cataract Surgery. Traditional Cataract Surgery involves use of surgical blade to create the incision in the eye & then cataract surgery is performed. But with Femtosecond laser we can now make accurate sized incision & capsular opening without need for the blade which helps us to treat our patient by offering them Fast, Precise, & Automated Robotic Laser style results. This gives us full control of parameters while operating. The laser machine has a real time visualization of the entire front part of the eye helping us to have a controlled custom guided laser delivery to achieve most accurate results. This improves the safety while performing the surgery. This also minimizes or reduces the chances of any human error during the surgery.

Unique Features of This Technology

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