Rains and increased risk of conjunctivitis

7 Tips On Preventing Eyes From Monsoon Season

Monsoon, the favourite season is here. While it brings a temporary relief from the scorching heat, it also tags along the increased risk of conjunctivitis. Also known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is an eye infection that causes inflammation of outermost white layer of the eye and inner part of the eyelid (conjunctivita).

You surely might be having a great time sipping tea or coffee in the balcony with a good book or music to accompany you, but you must be careful of the pink eye. Here are some tips on preventing your eyes from conjunctivitis:

  1. Wash your hands often
    Your hands are the major carriers of bacteria and viruses and come in contact with eyes often, so always keep them clean by washing them frequently.
    Wash your hands often
  2. Wear sunglasses
    Irrespective of the season, always wear your sunglasses when you step outside to avoid direct contact with sun, or rainy water in monsoons. Sunglasses act like a hat for your eyes making sure to protect them.
  3. Don’t share your personal belongings
    No matter how close you are to someone, never ever share your personal belongings like sunglasses, contact lenses, handkerchiefs and towels with them, not even family especially in rainy season. If someone uses such belongings there is a high risk of catching infection to both him and you.
    Don’t share your personal belongings
  4. Avoid touching your eyes
    When monsoon season is there, try and avoid touching your eyes because no matter what there could be a possibility that you shook hands with someone who was infected or came in contact with an infected object and then touching your eyes would mean infecting them.

    Avoid touching your eyes
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  5. Avoid swimming
    Avoid swimming, playing in ponds or streams in monsoon season because the water might have some bacteria in it from all the rain. Not only that, there could be someone who is carrying infection in the same pool with you which would highly increase the risk of catching conjunctivitis.
  6. Be careful around the infected one
    If someone in your family, friends or at your work-place is suffering from conjunctivitis try avoiding any form of physical contact with them- handshakes or hugs, everything is a strict No because conjunctivitis is a highly communicable disease. Even if you put eye drops in their eyes wash your hands immediately.

    Be careful around the infected one
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  7. Wash your eyes before bedtime
    It is always better to wash your hands and eyes during monsoon season before sleeping. This would clean up any kind of infection you are carrying. Also, you could put eye-drops to avoid catching the infection, after all, prevention is better than cure.

    Wash your eyes before bedtime
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If you spot even a little symptom of conjunctivitis, it is advisable to contact a doctor immediately in order to control the infection at the earliest stage possible.

If there is an imbalance in the flow of tear, It may cause dry eyes, which will lead to irritation and blurred vision. This problem can also be caused due to extreme heat, smoke, fumes, and chemicals. It might be cured with eye drops, surgery may be required in some cases,” says Dr. Jatin.