5 Tips to prevent digital eye strain

5 Tips to prevent Digital Eye Strain

The digital revolution is at its peak. And living in a technology dominated era means we are surrounded by an endless number of gadgets. Laptops, mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc are a few of those gadgets. And consequently, our eyes keep shifting from one flashy screen to another. There’s no doubt that technology has made human life a lot easier. But, it comes with its own set of short-comings too and one such negative is digital eye strain.
The weariness or ache you experience in your eyes when you use any digital screen for a longer duration is known as digital strain. But, there are some measures which you can adapt to save your eyes from the side-effects of it. Keep on reading below to know more about these measures:
1. Perfect Posture

Digital Eye strain Tips

If you are a sloucher then you are putting your eyes under stress. To get that perfect posture you need to adjust your chair in such a way that your eye level matches with the screen level. This makes sure that your nape and head are straight. A great way to make it happen is by using a chair which gives lower back comfort and a cushioned bottom to be comfortable.

2. Adopt 20-20-20 Rule :
This simple rule can be easily adopted. You just need to look away from your digital screen every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. And the screen should be at least a distance of 20 feet from your eye level. This is because our eye muscles get worked up if we continuously focus at a short distance for an extended period of time. Eye specialists also advise that one should blink his or her eyes properly for a few seconds so that the eyes can generate further tears.

3. Put on those Glasses :

Protect Eye with glasses

If you are a contact lens user then you need to put on your glasses right away! Contact lenses lead to dry eyes and some degree of discomfort to your eyes. These delicate lenses obstruct the supply of oxygen to your eyes which can affect your vision health and can result in scratchiness in the eyes.
So, make sure while choosing glasses you get yourself one which has anti-glare lenses. Such type of lenses lessen screen glare and can help you see more clearly. Consequently, decreasing strain on your eyes and letting them relax.

4. Adjust Screen Settings :
It is essential that the settings of your device’s screen are vision friendly. One can ensure it by raising the contrast of the screen. The brightness level of the screen should be adjusted according to the lighting in the surroundings. Another important screen setting is to keep the colour temperature of the screen to the minimum. As it will emit less blue ray which often causes eye strain.

5. Use Eye Drops :
As continuously focusing on the screen leads to dry and irritated eyes. This happens due to the sharp focus and continuous viewing of the screen which further leads to less blinking of the eyes. Using eye drops such as artificial tears can relieve your eyes of dryness and any other discomfort.

Apart from following the above-mentioned eye tips religiously, it is necessary that you go for regular eye exams. You can schedule your next eye checkup appointment with Mumbai Eye Care which offers complete eye exam.