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For those who want to wear contact lenses, Mumbai Eye Care, Cornea, and LASIK Centre has a state-of-the-art contact lens clinic. We have a wide variety of contact lenses such as yearly disposable, monthly disposable, daily disposable contact lens and cosmetic contact lenses.

Toric Contact Lens

For those who want to have perfect vision with a correction of their cylinder, we now have the option of Toric Contact lenses. Toric lenses assure correction of the cylindrical power so that you can enjoy the crispness of every image that your eyes capture…now see the world with no distortion. If you have a cylindrical power, ask your doctor for Toric Contact Lens.

RGP Lenses

For patients with irregular cornea where glasses and soft contact lenses do not provide good vision, we have an option of RGP lenses. These will help you achieve that unsurpassed visual acuity that you never had…If you have an irregular cornea, ask your doctor for RGP lenses.

ROSE K Lenses

These are UK based lenses specially designed for keratoconus and another irregular cornea. They have very high oxygen permeability. They are very effective with excellent fit for patients with keratoconus or post-surgical irregular cornea. You will never feel that you have worn anything in the eye…. book your appointment for the Rose K lens trial.

Scleral Lenses

For those with dry eye and ocular surface problems such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) where you are incapacitated from doing your daily activities, dryness of the eyes does not let you open your eyes, going out in sun is just next to impossible. Now there is hope for these cases too… with scleral contact lenses, many lives have now changed. These patients with the severe dry eye can now confidently see and face the sun. If you are suffering from dry eyes or SJS come over to start letting your eyes, see and live again. Scleral lenses will change your life.

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