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5 reasons you should get LASIK before getting married

Getting hitched is one of the biggest and the most special day in any man or woman’s life. You start preparing for the big day months ahead and years in some cases. Who to invite? Where to organise the ceremony? What colour scheme to go with? Which designer to pick? It’s all about looking fabulous on your wedding day and leaving no stone unturned, right?

But, before you walk down the aisle and say your “I Do’s” below are five reasons you should get LASIK done for your big day.

1. Trapped Eyes!

Trapped Eyes
Ever since the day you joined the bespectacled club, your eyes are trapped behind those pair of glasses and since it’s going to be your special day you definitely don’t want your someone special and the rest of the guests to not get the chance to see those beautiful eyes of yours.

2. Unfriendly to Accessories

Unfriendly to Accessories

Admit it, the worst thing about wearing glasses is that you have to let go of accessories. In a wedding scenario, you have the problem with the big nose ring interfering with your glasses frame or in the case of a groom, the veil’s beads constantly scratching the spectacles.

3. Un-Friendly Flash!

Un-Friendly Flash
Yes! pre-wedding photoshoot, wedding photoshoot, videography and all involve a lot of camera flashes and those glasses of yours aren’t exactly flash friendly. They make your pictures with those flashes on your glasses look funny and nobody wants to become a laughing stock at their own wedding.

4. No Eye Makeup

No Eye Makeup
Poor ladies, thanks to those glasses you have bid adieu to your favourite kohl, eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow because all this stuff getting smudged on your spectacles and consequently forcing you to look at everything through black stripes isn’t exactly what you call a pretty sight.

5. Constant Worry

Constant Worry

These babies of yours demand extra care. You have to make sure you don’t lose them, break them or the worst – sit on them. And on your special day, worrying about your glasses should be the last thing on your mind.

One of the best thing about getting a LASIK is that it is a permanent solution to your eyesight woes unlike, contact lenses. So, get yourself an appointment with an ophthalmologist here and they will then help you plan your surgery and rest of the necessary appointments as per your wedding dates. This not only saves you a lot of hassle and stress during the wedding but, also allows you to enjoy your big day exactly how you always wanted to, without those evil glasses!


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