LASIK Surgery – Cost Effective Option

We all know the benefits of LASIK surgery– freedom from glasses, clear vision, better life and one can enjoy almost all sports without worrying about glasses or contacts troubling you. Beyond these there are even other benefits of having LASIK done-Financial!! You may wonder how? Let me explain you how do you save a lot of money by having LASIK procedure.

What would be the cost for LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery is a customized procedure, so the cost would also vary with the type of procedure based on the technology. Usually the cost ranges from Rs. 30,000 to 65,000 for both the eyes for Eximer procedures. This is a one-time cost for you.

How much do glasses and contact lenses cost?

A box of six lenses would cost around Rs. 3000 to 5000. Most people need around 4 to 6 boxes per year. That means per year patient would spend around Rs. 10000 to 16000. In the life time one would land up spending more than Rs. 75000 on the contact lenses. The cost for cleansing solutions adds to the cost. In addition to the cost, the time that one has to devote to wearing these lenses, plus always having to be careful of not sleeping with the lenses or carrying an extra pair of glasses while traveling is more troublesome than the money spent.

Eye glasses would cost a little lower than contact lenses. The average pair of corrective glasses may cost around Rs. 10000. However, some buy new frames regularly or rotate through a couple of them for different styles and sometimes even sunglasses that cost extra.

The final word-

When compared to costs of wearing glasses or contacts for rest of your life, LASIK is well worth it. Eventually LASIK pays for it or rather saves a lot of your money in long term.


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