Essential eye care tips for summer

Summer is here and with it the eye hazards that are lurking around every corner. While most of us invest in a good sunscreen to protect our skin while we go out, we tend to ignore the eye care aspect. Just as summer’s scorching heat can harm your skin, it can harm your eyes with a multitude of infections. Let us look at some essential eye care tips to ensure you enjoy your summer outdoor trips freely.

Five tips for eye care during summer

  1. Wear sunglasses
    Buy sunglasses that provide full UV protection. While most of us choose a goggle based on its look, it is suggested to always get a sunglass that protects your eye against UVB. Did you know too much of UV rays can accelerate cataracts? That’s how important it is to wear the right eye gear to protect your eyes from the harmful sunrays.
  1. Go outdoors for fresh air
    As the mercury rises, we turn on the air conditioning and spend whole day in artificial air. This leads to a syndrome called dry eye, as air conditioned air has less moisture. If you experience scratchiness, persistent dryness, burning sensation and red eyes, be aware. It is important to go out and take fresh air for shorter period of time to avoid dry eye syndrome.
  1. Protect eyes while playing sports
    Whether you indulge in sailing, swimming or water skiing, it is mandatory to protect your eyes at all times. Wearing goggles help protect your eyes from chlorine in the water that can cause irritation and redness in the eye. Also, make sure to remove your contact lenses before you go swimming or indulge in any water sport. Your risk of contracting an infection is high if you go in water with contact lenses on.
  1. Drink water
    The scorching heat of summer renders your eyes and skin dehydrated, and hence, it is vital to drink as much water. One should drink at least 2 liters of water a day during summer months. Don’t replace water with soda or juicy drinks as they too can cause dehydration.
  1. Wear hat
    Look smart and trendy as you don a nice hat that can cover your head as well as eyes. This is what we call extra protection for your sensitive eyes.


You should pay attention to your hygiene as well, as you will constantly sweat in the summer months. It is suggested to wash your hands before putting or removing contact lenses. In addition, make sure to visit your eye doctor if you notice any discomfort in eyes.