Prevention tips after cataract surgery

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear cataract surgery? A lot of anxiousness runs down a person when he is suggested to undergo a surgery. Will I be able to see clearly after the surgery? How much rest is adequate to recover? Will I be able to watch TV or read newspaper? Will I be able to drive my car after the surgery? The questions are endless. Cataract surgeries are common and one of the safest procedures with a high success rate. Usually, a patient is able to see very well just a day after the surgery. However, in some cases, a person may not be able to have a clear vision for a few days. It’s absolutely normal and one should not panic. Prevention tips to keep in mind

Today, let us delve on prevention tips that can help you during recovery.

After the surgery, you may have a blurry vision for a few days. So, you have to be cautious while walking or doing any activity. Your eye doctor would prescribe you to cover your eyes at all times, with an eyeglass or eye shield, which you can get from your doctor itself. This will help to prevent your eyes from any type of dust or irritation, which can let open the incision. You will also be required to refrain from lifting heavy weights, bending with the head and doing any activity that may put you under physical strain, including strenuous workouts. Your doctor will prescribe you anti-inflammatory eye drops and antibiotics to prevent infection and inflammation of the eye.

You can read and watch TV but exercise in moderation. Also, avoid dusty and crowded places. You may feel an itchy sensation in your eyes and a little sensitivity to light. These symptoms are normal and you should not worry. In about eight weeks, your eyes will be healed completely; however, you may require wearing glasses while reading. Your doctor would prescribe you to make new glasses. Don’t drive until you are confident and don’t swim or else you may open your risk of eye infection.


These prevention tips after a cataract surgery will help you speed up the healing process. Make sure to consult your doctor in case you notice pain or excessive discharge from the eye even after taking medications. Human eyes are very sensitive and need utmost care. Hope you have a smooth surgery and a healing process.


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