How to prevent your eyes infection during monsoon?

Monsoon brings a great relief from scorching heat. Everyone love to get drenched and enjoy the monsoon. Along with happiness, rains also bring a host of contagions. Eye infections become very common during this season. Diseases like conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, eye styes are common in monsoon as there is a direct contact between the eye and the rainwater. These diseases and infection may cause severe soreness and discomfort to the eyes. However, the most common symptoms of eye infections include redness, swelling and burning sensation in the eye. It is important to take precaution in order to avoid any emergency. Follow these simple tips to protect your eyes.

5 tips to protect eyes

You must not self-medicate and visit an ophthalmologist in case of an emergency.

  • Wash your eyes One of the important thing after getting drenched in rains is to wash your eyes. Once you reach home wash your eyes with clean water and dry the sides of the eyes with a dry towel. This will clean your eyes and removes any possible bacteria which might result in an infection later.
  • Clean your contact lenses If you wear contact lenses then make sure you clean them. Avoid waiting near water logged areas as bacterial infections prowl around unhygienic water. Don’t share any personal belongings like towels, handkerchiefs, etc. of the person infected with eye diseases or infections.
  • Eat healthy food External measures are on one side but internal measures do matter a lot. You must avoid eating oily foods especially during monsoons. Instead eat fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits to build immunity.
  • Care your eyes It is a common human tendency to rub eyes when there is an itching. But we don’t think before doing it. Our hands are often dirty so it’s better to avoid rubbing eyes. This habit is common among children. Keep kids away from stagnated water.
  • Visit your doctor If you still notice any indication of an eye infection, rinse your eyes with some cold and visit your eye doctor. It is important that if you are suffering from an eye infection, you must avoid wearing contact lenses, and if you are taking any other eye drops other than the ones for infection, stop using them until you are totally recovered from that infection.

It’s always a good option to visit nearest Eye Hospital or clinic to protect your eyes during monsoon.