Why You Should Get Cataract Surgery Done As Quickly As Possible

The human eye, just like a camera, consists of a lens that captures the image clearly and enables us to have a proper vision. But just like a camera lens, our eye lens too gets clouded by dirt. This condition is referred to as “cataract”. cataract-example
While the camera lens can be cleaned easily because it is on the outside, the cataract of the eye is not so easy to be cleaned because it lies inside the eye. Hence, a surgery is required to clean the lens and enable us to see clearly again. We bring to you 5 reasons why you should avoid delaying surgery and get it done as soon as possible –

  • It is Not Painful

cataract surgery is not painful

Most people avoid or delay cataract surgery with the fear of having to undergo immense pain. However, with the use of CENTURION® Vision System, along with the immense experience of our doctors, Mumbai Eye Care (MEC) ensures a totally painless, and error-free process for all patients.

  • The Chances of Errors Are NegligibleWith back-up machines and power sources chances of errors are negligibleAnother irrational fear that many people have, is that something might go wrong and will end up worsening your eye, or even make you blind. At MEC, however, a strict disciplinary protocol is followed by every doctor, and sufficient back-up machines and power sources are kept on stand-by so that no glitch of any sort can hamper the smooth flow of the process.
  • It Takes very Little Time

cataract surgery takes little time

Contrary to popular opinion, cataract surgery does not take time at all. With the level of expertise that doctors at MEC offer, the whole procedure takes barely 10-15 minutes. After successful surgery, you can resume all daily life activities as you do not need to wear patches of any sort. Hence, you need not worry about surgery coming in the way of your busy schedule.

  • Delay can Lead to Blindness

Cataract lead to blindness

The idea of vision becoming mildly blurred may not sound very alarming to many people. However, the truth is that leaving it untreated for a long time can increase the risks of total blindness.

Cataract Surgery Increases quality of life

An increased vision can help you avoid dangerous situations like accidents. Also, it can greatly improve your social life by reducing your dependency on other people and enabling you to do things you enjoy doing such as reading or writing without hassles. Studies have also found that cataract surgeries increase your life-span because you become less stressed and a lot more positive after gaining normalcy.

Hence, we strongly recommend you visit your nearest Mumbai Eye Care clinic at the earliest and get the best treatment from the most trusted doctors.


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