Save your eyes

7 tips to prevent your eyes from summer sun

Sun’s favourite part of the year is here, where it likes to show you its shades that only get brighter and hotter day by day. Yes! It’s summer time, that time of the year when sun starts showing all its warmth on your skin. While you protect your skin by applying sunscreens or covering up yourself with cotton scarves, your eyes are often ignored and they are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. You need to protect them from sun directly gazing at them. Following are the 7 tips to prevent your eyes from harsh rays of sun:

  1. Wear sunglasses 

    Wear sunglasses

    Always! Always! Wear sunglasses. They protect you from UV radiations in summers. While choosing the sunglasses make sure it is of a larger size so that it can cover as much area around the eyes as possible. Sunglasses are the shields you never should drop in war, especially war with the hot sun.

  2. Wear hats 

    Wear hats

    Make sure that whenever you step out in summers you wear a hat or cap. The hood of both acts as a shelter to your eyes and protects it from sun by giving shade to your eyes. Also hats and caps protect your head from direct sun.

  3. Avoid peak time 

    Avoid peak times

    Try and avoid getting in the mid-day sun because in the afternoon, sun is at its brightest self and harms you a lot more than you can imagine. Have mercy on your eyes and complete all outdoor activities either before 12 pm or after 5 pm.

  4. Drink plenty of water 

    Drink plenty of water

    One of the main problems leading to a lot of major problems in summers is Dehydration. Dehydration not only affects your body but also your eyes. As a result of dehydration, eyes dry up and do not produce enough tears to keep your eyes moist. This leads to irritation and redness of eyes. So drink lots and lots of water.

  5. Be careful with sunscreen lotion 
    Be careful with sunscreen lotion

    When you apply sunscreen lotion to your face and body, make sure you do not touch or rub your eyes with your hands after that. The lotions are often high in SPF and are very harmful for eyes.

  6. Use Eye drops 

    Use Eye drops

    Your eyes are bound to get tired and dry and they need to be cleaned to avoid allergies or infections. Use eye drops as a cleanser for your eyes. They act as a relief to your tired eyes.

  7. Have a good sleep 

    Have a good sleep

    Sun sucks all the energy from you and your eyes. At the end of the day, your eyes will feel heavy, in order give them proper rest, you need to have adequate sleep. Make sure you don’t compromise on sleep in summers because it’s like a restart button for eyes.

Stay cool with these tips in hot summers. Stay safe, stay hydrated!